Jacky F2CW – ZL3CW – Expedition Leader

Jacky was first licensed in 1979 as J28CE, then back home to France in the middle of 1980 where he received F6GXB and later F2CW. Working 19 years for the French Air Force (including 7 as diplomatic staff), 10 for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), his positions were all related to Telecommunications. Most of his professional postings were overseas: Djibouti, Chad, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Eritrea, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Japan and former Yugoslavia (he operated from most countries). He participated on expeditions to: Morocco, Western Sahara, Senegal, Gambia, Equatorial Guinea, Bouvet Island, Clipperton Island (twice), UAE, Ogasawara Island, Campbell Island, Pitcairn Island, French Polynesia (including Marquesas and Austral Islands), Kermadec Island (7 times), New Caledonia (twice), American Samoa and Samoa. Between the years 2000 – 2007, as a volunteer, he installed and maintained New Zealand Department of Conservation telecom facilities on Raoul Island. He was a competitor at the first WRTC in Seattle in 1990 (representing France) and Referee in Moscow in 2010 (representing New Zealand) and again in Connecticut in July 2014 representing New Jacky is retired and lives in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Dave – K3EL – Co-Organizer

Dave was first licensed as G4HJT while in school. He took a break from radio and reentered the hobby as K3EL since the mid-2000s. Dave now enjoys CW rag chewing, occasional contesting, SOTA (chasing and activating), chasing DX, and when possible, being DX. His DX activities include ZL9HR, Campbell Island in 2012, TX5RV, Austral Islands, in 2013, VK9MT, Mellish Reef in 2014, the 2016 Heard Island DXpedition VK0EK (radio team lead), TX5EG, Marquesas, 2017  and the 2018 VP6D Ducie Island DXpedition (expedition lead) and 2020 South Orkney Island (expedition lead). Dave is a life member of the ARRL, a member of the Frankford Radio Club, A-1 Ops, the Chiltern DX Club and NCDXF.

Steve W1SRD – Co-Organizer

Steve, W1SRD is from Northern California and was first licensed in 1974 as WN0NOR. He is a board member of Mother Lode DX and Contest Club and Northern California DX Club and a past president of Northern California Contest Club. Prior operations include 2022 TX5N Australs, 2020 VP8PJ S. Orkney, 2018 VP6D Ducie, 2016 VK9LX Lord Howe, 2015 TX3X Chesterfield, and 2013 PJ4D Bonaire. He enjoys station building, contesting in all modes and working towards Top of Honor Roll (337 confirmed). Sometimes in WPX he can be heard signing AG1RL, borrowing his very supportive XYL’s call.

Gene K5GS – Co-Organizer and Treasurer

Gene was first licensed in 1976 as WB5WFD, and has held K5GS since 1996; previous calls were WD6DLK and KE6LT.


He’s an avid DXer, his DXCC total is 354 confirmed (mixed) with all current DXCC entities confirmed. Gene’s radio interest has always been DXing with occasional diversions into restoring vintage radios and the digital modes. Previous DXpeditions include the 2012 ZL9HR Campbell Island, 2014 VK9MT Mellish Reef, 2015 TX3X Chesterfield Islands, 2018 VP6D Ducie Island, 2020 VP8PJ South Orkney Islands, and the 2022 TX5N Austral Islands. He also holds call signs ZL1NA and VK2IXC. Gene retired from the Information Technology industry in 2012, he and his wife live in Tucson, Arizona.

Arliss W7XU – Medical Officer

W7XU - Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio

Arliss has an MD degree, board certified in internal medicine, with 26 years of experience in emergency medicine. Undergraduate work includes BS degrees in wildlife science and mathematics. His previous Antarctic experience consists of 1 year at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station (1981-82) as the communications coordinator. Sub-Antarctic experience includes expeditions to South Georgia Island, Southern Thule Island in the South Sandwich Islands and Heard Island, all in 2016, and the 2020 DXpedition to the South Orkney Islands VP8PJ. He has also been to the environmentally sensitive areas of Easter Island and St. Paul Island (Canada), and served as an official observer for the National Marine Fisheries Service aboard foreign fishing vessels operating in the Bering Sea. Other exposure to environmentally sensitive areas include hiking the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail in 2016.

Heye – DJ9RR – Expedition Member

Heye was born in 1946 and licensed at the age of 18. He is primarily qrv in cw on the short-waves, his main interest lies in DXing.


He attained DXCC #1 in 2002; DXCC count is 352 confirmed (mixed). He likes to participate in contests and he is member of the Bavarian Contest Club. He enjoys constructing home-made equipment such as match-boxes, accessories, antennas and amplifiers. He is active in the local radio club and made several DX-peditions of his own: CU/DJ9RR, CN/DJ9RR, F/DJ9RR, TK/DJ9RR, SV9/DJ9RR, MD/DJ9RR, FK/DJ9RR, 9H3HH, S79RR. Membe`r of the DX-peditions: C3ØAAN, OZ/DJ9RR, 9Y4ZC, TX9, VK9DNX, VK9DWX, 3D2ØCR, ZL8X, 9LØW, PJ4C, ZK2C, V84SMD, TX5K, 5W0M, VK9MT, S21ZBB/S21ZBC, TO7CC, V55HQ, VK9DLX, V73D, T31 EF and VP6D, VP8PJ, and TX5N. He holds also the call sign AG6UT. Retired since 2011 he was an engineer in the research and development department of a medical-supply company that produces equipment and systems for intensive care and anesthesia workstations. Education: Electrical Engineering (Communications Engineering).

Walt N6XG – Expedition Member

Walt was licensed as a Novice in 1959 as WV6HUR. His introduction to radio was a 40M dipole, single tube oscillator / transmitter and an entry level Heath receiver.

He subsequently upgraded to WA6HUR and in the 80s to the call of N6XG. He is a member of the Northern California Contest Club.

He has degrees in Engineering, Mathematics and Business Management. Walt in his 24 years at IBM had the good fortune of living and operating in Germany and Japan. In Japan he was licensed as 7J1AAM. Subsequent to IBM he was the head of a large electronic contract manufacturing company.

Upon his retirement in 2000 he has traveled and operated extensively throughout the world on vacation style DXpeditions. In 2001 he joined “Team Vertical” and has been on five DXpeditions to 6Y, 2 DXpeditions to C6, TX3X, VP6D, VP8PJ and TX5N.

Walt’s current interests are contesting, physical fitness, travel, and business consulting. He lives in Los Altos Hills, CA with his wife.

Rob N7QT – Expedition Member

Robert Fanfant graduated from both U of WA and Washington State University with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Material Science. He worked at Intel Corp manufacturing computer chips, transitioning into software development. Retired in 2014 after a successful career at Applied Microsystem, Microsoft and software consulting. He obtained his novice license (WB7TDU) when 14 years of age, eventually obtaining his Extra license in the mid 90’s. His primary passion is combining his love of travel and chasing DX. Retirement has enabled him to also give back to the amateur radio community by also becoming the “DX”. His other passions include landscape photography, motorcycle adventure touring, gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Rob is an active DXpeditioner and has been on the air from Mellish Reef (VK9MA), Willis Island, (VK9WA), Montserrat (VP2MQT), Austral Islands (TX5Z and TX5D), Christmas Island (VK9AN), San Andres (5J0X), Sint Maarten (PJ7/N7QT), Saba (PJ6/N7QT), VP6D Ducie Island, Brunei V84SAA, VP8PJ, and TX5N.

Chris N6WM – Expedition Member

Chris N6WM is an active contester and has won or placed top 10 with numerous contest titles at the Division, National and International level. In addition to contesting, Chris is an enthusiastic operator and DXer and has earned DXCC on 9 bands and is inching his way toward honor roll with 322 entities confirmed over 15 years, along with many other operating awards. Chris has served in a number of leadership roles, including President, Board member, Vice President/Contest Chair of the Northern California Contest Club, Past Contest Chairman of the California QSO party, Past Contest manager for the NCJ NA Sprint SSB. Currently on the CQWW RTTY/WPX RTTY Contest management team. Memberships include: the NCCC, NCDXC, PL-259 contest club (6 consecutive small club Sweepstakes gavels), CWOPS (#688) and is a regular contributor to the Northern California DX Foundation. In addition, Chris is an experienced station manager and tower climber with extensive station building and computer experience.  He is a founding member of the winning K6LRG hilltop contest station and serves as the lead technical manager and is a regular team operator at Radio Oakley, one of the largest Multi-op contest stations on the west coast,  owned by CQ Contest Hall of fame operator N6RO. Chris travels regularly and operates contests during these trips, resulting in a number of calls used including ZF2CT/ZF1A, KH6/N6WM, etc.  he was a member of the 2018 VP6D Ducie Island team.

Glenn KE4KY – Expedition Member

Glenn entered Amateur Radio in 1975 as a pre-teen, initially licensed as WN4CSH. Upon earning subsequent license class upgrades, he received the call of WA4CSH. He obtained his Amateur Extra Class license in 2007 and shortly thereafter obtained his current call of KE4KY. Glenn is an active radio contest participant and DX enthusiast. Glenn’s lifelong career is in public service. He served as an EMT/Paramedic prior to joining the ranks of a major urban police department as a police officer. Much of his career was in the investigation of major case offenses, serving in several specialized investigative units. After a short retirement period in 2005 Glenn returned to public service to work as a sworn officer in another law enforcement agency, retiring from law enforcement completely in October 2020. DX-pedition operator at: ZL9HR Campbell Island 2012, VK9MT Mellish Reef 2014. Off-island team member for the recent DX-peditions: TX3X Chesterfield Islands 2015, VP6D Ducie Is. 2018, VP8PJ South Orkney 2020. His amateur radio affiliations include: ARRL (Life Member); CWops (Life Member); Perseverance DX Group; Bullitt Amateur Radio Society (KY4KY); INDEXA; NCDXF; QCWA; SKCC; FISTS.

Ricardo PY2PT – Expedition Member

Ricardo was born in 1977 and is from São Paulo, Brazil where today he practices law, in addition to being a partner in an electric mobility business. He was first licensed in 1994. Ricardo enjoys operating digital modes, CW and SSB. He is a DX and contest enthusiast, operating from PX2A contest station that he coordinates with some friends. Previous DX-peditions include: 3D2PT, HH2/PY2PT, T30PT, T33A, T33PT T30PY/T30SIX, TO2FH (Mayotte Island), 8R1PY and VP6D (Ducie Island). He is a member of Araucaria DX Group, Sao Paulo Contest Group, LABRE SP, ARRL and NCDXF.

Andreas N6NU – Expedition Member

Andreas, N6NU, is a native of Lueneburg, Northern Germany who has lived in the in the SF Bay Area, CA for the last 30 years, working as software and hardware engineer. Has been interested in Ham Radio since being a teenager and was present at the founding meeting of DARC OV Lüneburg-Ilmenau (E34). He was first licensed in 1997 as KF6NEB, KQ6WL, AD6FQ and now N6NU.  He is active on 160M through 24GHz, 1296 EME, 9 Band DXCC including 160M, DXCC Honor Roll with 336 confirmed. Served as President of PAARA, Director NCDXC, ARRL DXCC Card Checker and is a contributor to the NCDXF Member of PL259, NCDXC , NCCC, 50Mhz & Up Group. He is also a co-contributor to the K6LRG Hilltop Contest station and has participated in 6 Pacific Division winning efforts in ARRL Sweepstakes from K6LRG and N6RO.

Dave WD5COV– Expedition Member

Dave was licensed in 1977 at the age of 14. Using his home brew crystal controlled transmitter he built from the ARRL Handbook and Heathkit SB-303 receiver, he worked his first DXCC as a novice.  Dave has been an avid DXer over the years and in 2016 became the first US Amateur from the Western Rocky Mountain region to achieve the 3000 level in the ARRL DXCC Challenge. He holds #1 DXCC Honor Roll, ten band DXCC and nine band WAZ. Dave retired in 2008 and began his quest to build his dream station and one of the largest stations in the Western United States. Single-handedly he constructed fourteen towers! These include four square arrays on 80 and 160 meters built from Rohn 25 tower with sixty ground radials under each vertical. He also constructed three rotating towers, two at 155ft built from Rohn 55, and one 180ft built from heavy duty AB-105 tower. In addition, he constructed two 100ft towers from Rohn 45 and one 60ft tower from left over AB-105 and Rohn 55. A remarkable achievement. In 2011, Dave began the next phase in his amateur career as a DX-peditioneer. Since that time he has embarked on over ten major DXpeditions including three in the top ten most wanted category – 7O6T Yemen, VP8STI South Sandwich Island, and VP8SGI South Georgia Island. Others include 3D2R Rotuma Island (twice), 3D2C Conway Reef, E30FB Eritrea, 9M0W Spratly Island, E31A Eritrea, and ZK3A Tokelau Island. He has also operated from several pacific islands including 5W0OV, 3D2OV, KH8/WD5COV, and KH6/WD5COV. In 2010, Dave founded the  Mimbres Valley Radio Club (MVRC) in an effort to introduce Amateur Radio the the local youth. After becoming a certified instructor along with his good friend Paul KW7D, they taught Amateur Radio at the Deming High School for two years. They built  a club station and donated equipment and antennas. They also received grants to provide a dozen electronic project kits and funding for all the VE testing.

Nodir EY8MM – Expedition Member

First qso made using club station call UK8JBD back in 1979.  UJ8JMM since April 1984. Living and working in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Small country in Central Asia.
EY8MM since 1994. Main interest in Ham radio is Low band DXing. First station in Asia reached 300 DXCC countries on 160 m. DXCC Challenge over 3100 countries. Some past DX-peditions include: YA5MM, D4B, D44TT, AP2ARS, VP8ORK, FT5ZM, VP6R, ET3AA.
WRTC 2006 Referee, Judging Committee 2010, 2014, 2018. Nominated Yasme Excellence Award in 2010. Other hobbies: hiking, travel, DXFC, photography.


Francesco IK0FVC – Expedition Member

Always a DXer, Francesco has been licensed since 1985. He holds #1 Honor Roll, 10 Band DXCC, and 5 Band WAZ with 200 Zones. He has handed out over 300,000 QSOs from two historical DXCC entities: The Vatican HV0A and The Sovereign Military Order of Malta 1A0KM. He is an attorney, and lives in Rome, Italy. Francesco is an amateur astronomer and he enjoys sports cars.


Paul N6PSE – Expedition Member

Paul has been licensed since 1982 and is an ARRL Life Member. He enjoys organizing and participating in DXpeditions to remote and exotic locations. He was the co-leader and/or member of: the 2010 YI9PSE IRAQ DXpedition, the 2011 ST0R DXpedition to the Republic of South Sudan, the 2011 3D2R-Rotuma Island DXpedition, the 2011 ET3AA team from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the 2012 7O6T Team from Socotra, Yemen, the 2013 3D2C Conway Reef DXpedition, the 2013 XZ1J Myanmar DXpedition, the 2015 E30FB Eretria DXpedition, and the 2016 VP8STI South Sandwich and VP8SGI South Georgia Islands DXpeditions. Paul is the Co-Leader of the upcoming 2023 H40WA Temotu DXpedition